Frequently Asked Questions

Request new website

How do I request a new website?

The first step is to contact us. We will then send you the digital website request form where you can choose for one of the website design packages. This form can also be used to upload text and pictures that we can use on your new website. Finally, one of the example sites can be viewed and chosen from this form so we know what you think fits best with your business.

I dont know exactly how my website should look like?

That is not neccesary, many customers don't know. When you contact us about a new website we will send you a digital website request form and in this form we also allow you to view and choose from one of the example websites. That way, you can choose the example website that fits best with the image of your business.

What if I don't have any (professional) pictures for my website?

Nowadays there are multiple websites with professional high quality pictures without copyright. This means that all pictures on these sites can be used without attribution free of charge on commercial websites. We advise you to have a look at Pixabay.com, Pexels.com and/or Unsplash.com. All pictures on these websites can be used free of charge.

How much does a new website cost exactly?

All our prices are all-in, without any hidden charges. Also, all our prices on the website are including VAT. We offer at the moment 2 packages, Premium and Premium Plus. With the Premium package we will design a complete website for just € 399. With Premium Plus we do the same but in addition we create a professional company logo that you can use on any form of promotion material. The Premium Plus package costs only €499.

What do you mean with a complete website?

With a complete website we mean that u get a website with an index page, this is the first page dat visitors see when they visit your site and is therefore also the most important page. Statistics show dat 9 out of 10 visitors will decide after seeing the index page whether they stay on your website or not. Our target is to create a stunning and fast loading index page that will attract the visitor and motivate to see the rest. Besides an index page we will also create areas about your products or services, an area about us or about me, an area with rates or pricing and a contact area. These can all be separate pages but the content can also be integrated in the index page. This all depends on how much text is needed and which example website layout is chosen. Every website is an unique project.

Domain name and hosting

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the adress that visitors type in their internet browser when they want to visit a website. Www.google.nl is for example a domain name. And so is www.mister.nl. If anyone enters www.google.nl in their browser they are in an invisible way forwarded to the hosting space with all pages and pictures of Google.nl

What is hosting ?

Hosting is a place on the internet where your pages and pictures are stored (hosted). This is needed for every website or else the website would not be reachable to anyone that wants to see it. With just hosting your site is still not reachable as the hosting space needs to be linked with a domain name so people can easily find it.

Why do I need to have a domain name and hosting?

We can compare domain name and hosting to a house and give you the following example. The street and house number you live can be compared to a domain name. If people want to visit you you would for example tell them that you live in the Molenaarslaan 5 in Hoofddorp. If people then come and visit the address on Molenaarslaan 5 and there is no house there they end up in an empty field. But if your house is there then people can come inside your house and have a look. Therefore the actual house can be compared to the hosting, the place that stores all your stuff. With just hosting no one would be able to find your website and with just a domain name people would end up on an empty page. Don't worry, with our plan we always offer hosting and a domain name for a very affordable price.

Cost for a domainname and hosting?

Our all-in hosting plan includes a .NL domain name, web space for hundreds of pages, unlimited e-mailaddresses, unlimited databases, anti-virus, anti-spam, backup AND unlimited text/pictures update to your website for just € 6 a month, which is invoiced once a year. With this hosting plan you can e-mail us 6 days a week and ask for a change on your website and we will take care of it, simple and easy. It is also possible to have a .COM domain name instead of a .NL domain name for € 1 extra a month. In addition we have a hosting plan for just € 3 a month. With this hosting plan we offer you the same services except without free text/pictures updates to your website.


How can I read my e-mail?

The e-mails that you receive on info@yoursite.nl will end up in an e-mailbox that you can read and answer from a PC, tablet or smartphone. From any device with internet connection you are able to go to the webmail page and read your emails with same ease that you read your emails on Hotmail or Gmail for example. Also, on a smartphone or tablet it is possible to add your email accounts to the "Mail" area so you can directly read and answer from your phone. When you order a website from us we will also email you step by step instructions on how to configure this on an Android or Iphone device.

How many e-mailadresses can I create?

Unlimited, as many as you want. By default we create an info@yoursite.nl and for most small businesses that is sufficient. But if your business needs more we can create more! Maybe you would like a separate e-mailadres for each employee, e.g. John@yoursite.nl, Mike@yoursite.nl and Pete@yoursite.nl. Or maybe a separate emailadress for servicedesk@yoursite.nl and employees@yoursite.nl. It is all possible.

Security against Viruses and SPAM?

Definitely, we use the latest software to keep viruses and SPAM as much as possible out of your mailbox. This service is included in your hosting plan.


I still have an question, how can I contact you?

Send us a message with the contact form below, chat live with us using the button on the right, e-mail us on info@premiumdesign.nl, whatsapp us on 0613219660 or call us at 023-0000000

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